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(1) How to Make Sushi Rice
The essencial elemet which is said to define the quality of sushi is sushi rice. Let’s learn this fundamental recipe!

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(2) How to Fillet a Fish
The basics to filleting a fish.
A three-piece fillet (upper part, lower part, and bone) is called “Sanmai Oroshi,” and a five-piece fillet (upper part sliced into two, lower part sliced into two, and bone) is called “Gomai Oroshi,” or “Fushitori.”
All of the fish, except little fish, are filleted in either of these.

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(3) Making Sushi
Although there are various manners to make sushi, its quality alters according to the ratio of the rice and fish, how hard you grip the sushi, and its shape.

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Others: Slicing a Shellfish
Shelllfish are said to be a palate refreshner in sushi.
They provide a different kind of juiciness and resillience through its textures, when compared to fish.

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Others: Slicing Squids and Shrimps
Shrimps are beautiful in color and have a faint sweetness when eaten. They are quite popular to children as their taste is neutral. They can be enjoyed both raw and boiled. On the other hand, the chewiness should be enjoyed when eating squids. Gourmets enjoy its taste which can be enjoyed on each chew. As both shrimps and squids have a simpler anatomy, compared to fish, its preparation is much easier.

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