First and foremost, our hearts go out to all of the people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. While hoping for their quick recovery, we will contribute through the conservation and promotion of the traditional Japanese culture. Want to be a Sushi expert? Why don’t you join us and learn how to prepare Sushi while your at home. We provide you with lively pictures showing details of preparing Sushi.

What is Sushi?
Edo is the old name of Tokyo. Therefore, “Sushi” is the traditional cuisine from Tokyo. Sushi has now become one of the most loved healthy dish in the world. Yet, how could something as simple as sushi, sheer rice and sliced fish, be this delicious? The answer is simple, it is because of the Japanese technology and tradition behind sushi.
What is “How to Japan” ?
How to Japan” is not a grammatically correct phrase - needless to say, a verb is needed before Japan. We have left it open-ended in order to leave its possibilities open by adding different verbs such as spread, learn, enjoy, or develop.
It is our sheer desire that people around the world learn and enjoy our culture, so as to spread traditional Japanese culture as well as our food culture. We hope this will lead to the development of Japan.
Today, thousands of people visit Japan to learn our culture. On the other hand, the younger Japanese generations tend to know less and less about their own culture, and we are surrounded by fast food, family restaurants, convenience stores, and diet supplements, to mention the least. Our starting point was here ? we wanted to spread our culture to the world, but we also wanted our people to stop and take a look at this wonderful culture.
The purpose of “How to Japan” is to increase the opportunities to introduce the world with our culture by teaching them how to do or make them, with the goal to reach more people
Our Principle
Our objective is to introduce one of our traditional cuisine, sushi, through the “How to Japan” approach and transmit it to the world, with the final goal to spread Japanese culture around the world.
We also want to contribute to the people who have been affected by the Big East Japan Earthquake, and part of our income will be donated to the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations.
In order to realize this initiative, we have formed a small group of friends consisting of sushi cooks, IT specialists, and contents creators.
We hope more people will find out about our culture and get to love it.